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Day 53: One Potato Two Potato Red Potato Blue Potato
22 October, 2009, 8:46 pm
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Off the record: lemony roasted potatoes

herb roasted potatoes

I pretty much consider this one of the most fool-proof recipes that I have in my arsenal. It’s easy prepare, easy to cook and mildly impressive if you use fancy new potatoes and a pretty casserole dish (You can’t see it from this angle, but that’s a Fire King peach lusterware dish). I have been trying to make Vietnamese pho all week and that recipe is giving me a rainbow full of disappointment. So I figure I’ll settle on something familiar, something delicious, before I ready myself to try a difference  pho recipe. I’ll post something on that within the next few days.

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Day 9: Slow Jam
7 September, 2009, 8:04 pm
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Item 17: jam

fresh marmalade

Faced with 6 empty canning jars and a long weekend Monday, I tackled the next logical item on my list—jam. Technically, since this recipe contains citrus rinds, I’m making marmalade, not jam. According to Epicurious, Seville oranges are the most popular fruit for marmalades. According to my own eyes and nose, the Seville oranges that I came across at Whole Foods were pitifully unripe. (Not surprising, since September isn’t exactly the peak season for citrus fruits.) However, the grapefruits look (and smell) much better. So grapefruit marmalade it is!

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