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Day 68: Fennel Tortellini
6 November, 2009, 12:33 pm
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Item 19: fennel and pork tortellini with a fennel cream sauce

raw tortellini

The last time I made pasta from scratch was a good 10 years ago, in my junior high home ec class. It’s a miracle that I turned out to be a foodie consider how bad of a gong show that class—and by extension, my first exposure to cooking—was. I was partnered with a girl who was allergic to peppers, onions, dairy, shellfish, strawberries and more. While my classmates were making tacos, my partner and I essentially threw some unseasoned ground beef into a taco shell and called it a day. I also remember a boy mixing his apple crisp ingredients by hand (because … he’s a 13-year-old boy) and he and his partner ended up with a major case of food poisoning. From what I heard, he ALSO put too much cinnamon in his apple crisp. What a disastrous class.

Aside from the trauma, I also remember pasta dough being one of those messy, but easy to make things. You start with a well in the flour and crack an egg into it. Blend the egg in, add more flour if the dough was too sticky, and eventually you’ll get it right. The best part was to crank that dough through the pasta machine and roll it into thin sheets. That was fun.

I don’t have a pasta machine. I’m also not keen on getting one until my pasta consumption goes up significantly. So I just rolled it out with a rolling pin. I know the dough is not as thin as it can be had I used a pasta machine. But the end result was still very delicious.

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Day 58: Pho-bulous

Item 5: phở


I was down with a light case of sniffles and sore throat last week. It’s not bad enough to consider myself a full-blown flu victim, but I did fall into that intolerable whinge-y mode that I normally adopt when I get sick. Anyway, times like this makes me reach out for a bowl of warm, satisfying soup. Sorry, Jewish grandmas, I don’t want chicken soup. I want something heavier, more filling. I want Vietnamese pho.

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Day 42: As American as Apple 3.14159…
11 October, 2009, 11:22 pm
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Item 26: apple pie (with lattice crust)


Long time no see! Ugh, life has a way of sneaking up on you and disrupting your blogging and cooking schemes. And by “life” I meant parents visiting and treating me to various restaurant and home-cooked meals. No complaints there! In fact, I learned a few tricks and tips from my mom, who’s a fabulous cook, that will come in handy for future cooking endevours.

Unfortunately, the one thing my mom cannot teach me is pie-making. Pie is a pretty foreign concept in Chinese cuisine and my mom didn’t growing eating or making it. So we did not have the luxury of inheriting a fantastic pie dough recipe. But everybody I know (and strangers on the internet) have been raving about the Cook’s Illustrated vodka dough recipe. With apples in season, and a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner to host, now’s the best time to tackle the apple pie on my list.

(Sidenote: Speaking of Cook’s Illustrated, do you know America’s Test Kitchen is located in Brookline? I know because I’d creepily [read: pathetically] poke my head around the area every so often, hoping for a glimpse of Chris Kimball, back when I was living in Boston. True story.)

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24 August, 2009, 4:47 pm
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I will attempt the following in no particular order:

  1. Mexican mole sauce
  2. fondant (possibly to go with the Wichcraft chocolate cupcake recipe)
  3. some kind of dessert with orange blossom water (honey soaked spongecake? turkish delight? TBD)
  4. pork roast (emphasis on juicy)
  5. phở
  6. pâté de canard en croûte
  7. lobster roll
  8. preserved peach with brandy sauce
  9. paella
  10. chicken pot pie (w/ puff pastry from scratch)
  11. donut bread pudding
  12. popovers
  13. homemade ice cream sandwich
  14. bacon crème brûlée
  15. preserved lemons
  16. profiterole
  17. jam
  18. Smith Island cake
  19. fennel and pork tortellini with a fennel cream sauce
  20. stuffed eggplant
  21. braised beef cheek
  22. lamb leg roast
  23. fig and marscapone torte
  24. madeleines
  25. foccacia
  26. apple pie (with lattice crust)
  27. arancine
  28. homemade marshmallow
  29. crab cakes
  30. duck breast with homemade plum sauce
  31. ratatouille
  32. seared fillet w/ green gazpacho sauce
  33. beer marinated flank steak
  34. some kind of fish cook en papillote
  35. gnocchi (Maybe the traditional kind, maybe the sweet potato gnocchi w/ ham and chestnuts from Food & Wine)
  36. Moroccan lamb tagine with apricots and spiced pine nuts

And the 36.5th recipe … cucumber gimlets!