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About me

Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Iris. I have a bachelor’s in immunology and a master’s in science journalism. That’s right, neither of these has anything to do with cooking. I just like to cook and eat good food. Partly because of curiosity and partly because of some poorly-disguised need to show off (and partly because Martha Stewart Living was always on TV during dinner time when I grew up), I always like to try out crazy recipes and new ideas.I am a naturally creative person and cooking is just one of my many outlets.

Outside of cooking, I work as a freelance production assistant/researcher/writer in the TV industry in Toronto, Canada. Because of my background, I tend to gravitate towards science shows. I have worked on, or interned at, the following shows:

  • Qubit (Discovery Channel Canada)
  • Daily Planet (Discovery Channel Canada)
  • CBC Edmonton News at Six (CBC)
  • Quirks and Quarks (CBC Radio)
  • Nova ScienceNOW (PBS)

In addition, I also work as a freelance writer. My work has appeared in:

  • Vue Weekly (Edmonton Alt Weekly)
  • The National Academies Keck Futures Initiative: The Future of Human Healthspan: Demography, Evolution, Medicine, and Bioengineering, Task Group Summaries (The National Academies Press)
  • ExpressNews (University of Alberta homepage)
  • Folio (University of Alberta internal newsletter)
  • SMART Connections (A quarterly on post-secondary education)

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